Alpaca Stud St. Catharine (B5)
Type: Female
Price: £3000 exc. VAT
Colour: Solid Mid Fawn
Born: 6 March, 2012
Current Age: 3 Years 3 months
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Fleece Statistics: 

2013: 18.2 Micron, 4.1 SD, 22.4% CV, 17.93 SF and 98.7% CF
2014: 19.1 Micron, 4.1 SD, 21.6% CV, 18.69 SF and 98.4% CF

Catharine is a beautiful young breeding female with enviable potential to breed gorgeous coloured cria.  Catharine is a beautiful honey colour that is so often coveted by Alpaca Breeders.  Her Sire, Lanson, is a Jaquinto son who we value very highly within our own breeding herd.  Sadly we lost Catharine’s dam to old age in the 2015 but she certainly earned her place in our hearts as one of the most consistent breeders within the herd.  Given her combination and depth of genetics we feel strongly that Catharine represents a worthwhile investment for the discerning breeder looking to increase or augment the colour within their herd.

Family Tree (Click to enlarge):

B5 Pedigree