The Alpaca Stud

The Alpaca Stud: Committed to the British Alpaca Industry

Nick has worked with alpacas for over 10 years and has a lifetime’s experience with stock farming behind him.  Commited to the success of the British alpaca industry Nick has participated in an extended training programme so that he could gain a better  understanding of alpaca breeding.  This has lead to him becoming a qualified British Alpaca Society Judge and Trainer, as well as an AOA(American) Judge! He has travelled the world judging and selecting alpacas, and is to be frequently found teaching courses for the BAS when not doing so at home.


If you would like to buy your alpacas on extended terms we can provide financing at or around the current bank rate over a period of months up to two years. Contact us for Terms and Conditions.

Why wait to acquire your herd or those better genetics you know are needed to move your programme forward, when we can finance your vision now. Please contact us for details; any such discussions are in full confidence.